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Being a medical professional, you must be very attentive. You must stay hyperactive around your job. Especially if you belong to the profession of nursing, you always have to be quick to perform much-needed tasks. People expect you to move rapidly because many lives depend on your actions. Even a slight mishap may cause someone to lose his health.

Therefore, nurses wear special uniforms that identify them as healthcare workers. As for their footwear, it should also be special like the best new balance shoes for nurses. These are perfect for the profession of nursing. Normal shoes aren’t of any help because they’re not meant for nursing staff.

The new balance shoes are designed for men & women who are working long-standing nursing jobs. These shoes can maximize their efforts in saving lives without compromising their comfort. Best for keeping your feet relaxed, the shoes help you move at ease with speed.

Here are the 7 Best New Balance Shoes for Nurses

If you’re looking to buy a good pair of nursing shoes for yourself, no need to look any further. We have compiled a detailed guide based on our test results. The guide will help you find the perfect new balance nursing shoes that are comfortable yet stable to wear for long hours.

1All Day Wear Nursing Shoes

New Balance Men’s 840 V4
New Balance Men's 840 V4
Image: Amazon

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New Balance Women’s 840 V4
 New Balance Women's 840 V4
Image: Amazon

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New Balance 840 V4 Running Shoes are the best quality products you can get for your feet. They are perfect for comforting long walks and easygoing exercises.

The material manufactured for this new balance 840 V4 nursing shoes is 100% synthetic which means they are more stable when it comes to running.

The upper mesh is breathable and allows maximum airflow keeping your feet sweat-free. Undoubtedly, these are engineered to be water-resistant, durable, and comfortable as well.

The outer sole is a rubber material that gives exceptional grip, particularly in fast-paced environments. The ABZORB midsole provides shock absorbency with cushioning. These are available in many color ranges where you can easily get the most comfortable one that fits you perfectly.

People May Likes

  • Good for walking and everyday wear
  • Good traction
  • Best for those healthcare professionals who work day and night
  • The upper mesh is breathable and lightweight
  • Maximum shock absorbency with better cushioning
  • Inserts are removal

People May Dislikes

  • Can be stiff and heavy for sensitive feet
  • Shoes start to smell pretty bad due to adhesives
  • Repeated washing will make the shoes look worn out and ugly

Best Seller

2Lightweight Nursing Sneakers

Only for Women’s
New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1
New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1
Image: Amazon

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The New Balance V1 sneaker style shoe pair is a lightweight product made of synthetic material. Establishing comfort and care for your feet, the upper mesh of the shoe is specifically constructed in a dome shape.

This is to provide enormous airflow and breathability for your feet so they won’t sweat when you’re running. The outer rubber sole is very durable and gives your feet a firm grip on the shoes.

The rubber also protects you from slipping off on wet or uneven surfaces. For extra comfort, the midsole part of the shoe is manufactured from the REVlite technology which is known for its shock absorbency and cushioning power.

Moreover, it helps to make your walk more stable and easier. Your feet will feel lightweight because of the foam present inside. This is the third-best choice for nurses.

People May Likes

  • Reduce plantar fasciitis in most patients
  • A wider size gives extra space for a wider foot
  • People with fallen arches are more likely to love this product
  • Narrow heel
  • Soles are extremely comfortable
  • Helps reduce pain in plantar fasciitis and other foot problems
  • The insole is a bit flat
  • Great for working and power walking on the treadmill

People May Dislikes

  • Comes in a few color ranges
  • Ankles may roll-off
  • Not good for sensitive skin as it may start hurting after some time

3Neutral Running Shoes for Nurses

Nursing shoes must be durable, breathable, comfortable, and sweat-free. Especially because nursing shoes are used for daylong duties so they must withstand long standing hours.

Also, they’re supposed to keep your feet stable and prevent sweating. The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V10 shoes for Nursing are special Running Shoes. They come with a unique fresh foam stuffed technique.

Along with providing you with a perfect fit, these balance shoes make your long shifts easily bearable. The OrthoLite midsole, used inside, ensures maximum cushioning for your feet along with shock absorbency. This feature alone makes the shoe pair worth buying because it extends the comfortability to a new level.

Whereas, the outsole is constructed with rubber material, which gives good grip and stability when it comes to fast-paced environments. These are super cozy to your feet, reliable, and reduce any odor. You can easily put them on for hours.

People May Likes

  • The midsole provides thick cushioning and greatly absorbs the impact of the feet
  • Good performance with good traction
  • The outer sole is super cozy and gives stability while walking
  • Available in Innumerable color ranges
  • Ankle support is overall comfortable which helps protect rolling
  • Leather material is comparatively smooth

People May Dislikes

  • Not good for people with heavyweight
  • Shoelaces are a bit longer than usual
  • Might take a long time to wear and get ready

Editor’s Choice

4Versatile Nursing Shoes

New Balance Men’s DRFT V1
New Balance Women's DRFT V1
Image: Amazon

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New Balance Women’s DRFT V1
New Balance Women's DRFT V1
Image: Amazon

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The upper KNIT mesh of DRFT V1 is constructed from a synthetic material that increases airflow, reduces odor, and gives exceptional breathability.

These new balance shoes are extraordinarily lightweight and go easy on your feet even when you stand for so long. The fresh foam technology in the midsole is something that is manufactured to enhance cushioning and also provides shock absorbency.

However, these shoes come with an ACTEVA midsole which is very supportive for your feet and comfortable. At the end of the day, you won’t be complaining about hurtful feet if you’re using New Balance DRFT V1 Running Shoes.

Also, it comes with a rubber outsole so, you are more likely to have maximum grip even when you’re moving with a fast-paced walk.

People May Likes

  • Flexible and lightweight
  • The outsole is slip-resistant and provides greater support
  • ACTEVA midsole ensures maximum comfort with elevated cushioning
  • The upper mesh is breathable
  • Versatile style to put on whenever standing or walking for a longer period
  • Available in 4 different colors and styles

People May Dislikes

  • Does not provide much support when it comes to uneven environments
  • Seems a bit tight
  • Might cause marks on the skin after wearing it for long hours

5New Balance White Nursing Shoes

New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Lace-up
New Balance Men's 577 V1 Lace-up
Image: Amazon

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New Balance Women’s 577 V1 Lace-up
New Balance Women's 577 V1 Lace-up
Image: Amazon

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The new balance 577 V1 shoes are meant for Nursing Men and women who are fond of brisk walking and need durability from their shoewear. These lace-up shoes are comfortable with their upper mesh part made to provide maximum flexibility.

The ABZORB midsole technology is used where the part is constructed from quality polyurethane material. Therefore, the shoe pair is extremely stable and lightweight to wear for long hours. It also provides better cushioning and shock absorbency at every step you take.

For maximum grip on the floor, the outer sole is manufactured from rubber material which keeps your feet in more comfortable positions. Not only will you get a perfect fit pair for yourself but a comfortable one as well.

People May Likes

  • Best choice for healthcare professionals
  • The upper leather is too cozy to wear which reduces sweating and promotes airflow
  • Supports maximum grip
  • ABZORB midsole technology gives support and cushioning
  • Compression-resistant rubber outsole
  • Versatile pair of shoes

People May Dislikes

  • Not ankle-friendly
  • Might cause heel pain after a few hours
  • Momentum disbalance is quite common

6Breathable & Flexible Nursing Shoe

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi V2
New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Arishi V2
Image: Amazon

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New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi V2
New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Arishi V2
Image: Amazon

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New Balance Arishi V2 shoes associated with nursing jobs are a good affordable option. The Fresh Foam technology used in these shoes is specifically meant for nursing purposes.

The shoes are made with an innovative style and constructed with a 100% synthetic upper mesh part that helps increase the airflow. So, it provides utter breathability to your feet when worn for long hours.

It keeps the overall product lightweight and easy to wear all day. The midsole fresh foam is manufactured to provide a natural stride when moving rapidly along with a Plush.

These shoes are more cushioned and shock-absorbent in the hierarchy of good nursing shoes. The outer sole is made from a rubber material, perfectly giving a stable grip and support to your feet and overall body.

People May Likes

  • Can easily fit people with wide feet
  • Greatly reduces plantar fasciitis pain and arthritis
  • Smaller than the normal size, so you should buy one that at least half a size larger than usual
  • Soles are super comfy
  • Good traction
  • Provides maximum stability and grip to your feet
  • Available in Narrow, wide, and extra-wide sizes

People May Dislikes

  • Only a few colors are available.
  • It has a quite thick tongue.
  • Stitching is quite uncomfortable.
  • Might cause scratches on sensitive skin.

Best Budget

7 Trail Running Shoes for Nurses

New Balance Men’s Nitrel V3 Trail Running Shoe
 New Balance Men's Nitrel V3 Trail Running Shoe
Image: Amazon

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New Balance Women’s Nitrel V3 Running Shoe
 New Balance Women's Nitrel V3 Running Shoe
Image: Amazon

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The New Balance Nitrel V3 running shoes is another perfect choice for healthcare professionals, especially nurses. The upper mesh of these New Balance shoes is constructed with synthetic material, making them lightweight, durable, and whatnot.

It further provides greater airflow which will reduce the chances of sweating and make it comparatively breathable. And keeps your feet cool in terms of working long shifts. The REVlite midsole is manufactured to give exceptional comfort.

With maximum cushioning, it also ensures shock absorbency. The main advantage of buying this pair of shoes is that you get a lightweight stride without minimizing underfoot stability and cushioning as well.

People May Likes

  • Light in weight
  • Very cushiony when it comes to REVlite midsole
  • Leather material ensures  breathability and airflow throughout the walking and running period
  • Comparatively cheap in the hierarchy of Healthcare professional’s shoes
  • Removable inserts
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Traction is great
  • Shock-Absorbency is all you get from its midsole

People May Dislikes

  • The sole comes out after a few months of usage
  • Less durable and loses its newness quickly
  • Can be stiff and heavy for sensitive feet.

Features You Should Look for in Your New Balance Nursing Shoes

The market is saturated with all kinds of different stuff. Here’s a complete guide to tell you what features your nursing shoes should have, to be the perfect new balance footwear for your job.

Sophisticated Design

First things first, your nursing shoes must not go against your overall uniform standards. Wearing highlighted neon or red-colored shoes with a decent all-white uniform only makes you look like a clown. Your shoes must have a sophisticated design that matches well with your decent nursing uniform. Color doesn’t matter until the overall design of your new balance shoes is decent enough to suit your profession.

Stylish Add-ons

Many shoe brands come up with different types of stylish add-ons that make your shoes look aesthetic and unique. Naturally, we buy the things that capture our attention at first glance. But like every glitter is obviously not gold, every stylish-looking shoe add-ons aren’t useful. For example, extra long shoelaces take more time to tie. Plus, it also increases your chances of falling on your face in case your shoelaces are not properly tied.

Similarly, slip-on shoes without shoelaces can be a quick-to-wear option in case of emergency. But only if the shoe fits perfectly on your feet. Otherwise, you will just lose your shoes unexpectedly because these types of shoes slip off just as easily as you slip them on.

Comforting Foam Support

Your nursing shoes must excel in the features of comfort and relaxation. Due to the daylong shifts of nursing jobs, wearing tight shoes makes your feet go stiff. This may cause you to feel severe pain when you finally take your shoes off.

Dev for quality nursing shoes comes up with a comforting “memory foam” great for providing comfort. It also establishes a flexible space within the shoes that is not too loose and not too tight but just stable enough to hold your feet in place while you’re moving.

Firm Grip And Stability

The New Balance nursing shoes are also well known for providing the best stability. The pair of shoes that you are selecting should fit your feet perfectly so that you get maximum grip off your shoes. The stability of your nursing shoes matters the most because it prevents you from slipping away on the ground.

The lower sole of your shoes must be made of slip-resistant rubber so that even when you are moving at a fast pace, balance shoes keep your stride from this table on the floor.

Durability Matters

Durability is one of the major factors that you should pay attention to when buying a new pair of shoes. Lots of people out there look for stylish and fancy shoes but they don’t last much longer. So, there’s no benefit in buying fashionable shoes if they are not durable.

A job like nursing requires durability because you use your shoes on a daily basis. Therefore, buy a pair of new balance shoes that can hold out against daylong challenging jobs. New balance nursing shoes are mostly recommended for men’s & women’s which are not only rich in instability but also extremely comfortable and are very essential for everyday use. Their long-lasting material makes them much more durable and unique than all the other shoes on the market.

Shock Absorbency

Nursing shoes come with all different kinds of features. But you should go for the new balance shoes that offer shock absorbency. Just like instability, when you’re moving fast you must have a firm grip on your shoes. Similarly, you must have enough control to stop mid of your brisk walking or when you’re running errands. Shock absorbency goes hand-in-hand with slip resistance and stability. Both features depend upon the quality of the outer sole of your balance shoes.


The best nursing shoes are the ones that are lightweight and don’t feel like a burden on the feet. Lighter shoes keep your feet comfortable because they don’t put much pressure on your feet. When you are wearing lightweight shoes you don’t have to use much energy to lift your feet off when moving. Thus you won’t be wasting much of your stamina on your feet. Tight wait nursing shoes are great for working long shifts.


Last but not least, your new balance shoes should be highly breathable. Sounds kind of funny given that the shoes are not living things. Believe it or not, shoes are also breathable. What show breathability means is that your new balance shoes must contain a way to keep the air flowing inside and out of the shoe space.

This helps to prevent your feet from sweating when you’re running for nursing errands here and there trying hard to be as efficient at your job as possible. Time or porous-styled shoes offer great breathability. Sweat-free shoes are important because sweat makes you lose your grip on your feet and increases your chances of falling. Moreover, better breathability also keeps the bad odors at bay.

Final Thoughts

A nursing job is quite tough and involves prolonged standing, walking, or running the whole day. Therefore, you are required to give ease to your feet. Opting for New Balance shoes will turn out to be great. It reduces plantar fasciitis and other types of pain as well.

So, this guide can help you to make a pre-programmed decision for yourself before purchasing. These top-notch new balance shoes for nurses are super comfortable and give a supportive fit. Do not think twice before selecting from the above-mentioned options because clearly these are the best and chosen selectively for your ease. With good performance and stability, you will look great throughout the walking experience.

Alex Marten
Alex Marten
Alex Marten has a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. He assists our team of shoe experts by fact-checking and confirming the information presented to the readers. He has helped many people manage pain, prevent injury and rehabilitate injured feet. As a podiatrist, he has previously worked with numerous athletes, including football players, and professional athletic runners. He previously worked at a hospital-based clinic for patients with foot problems, before deciding to start her own private practice a year ago.

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