New Balance Shoes Size Chart | Men’s – Women’s and Kids

When buying new balance shoes, the one thing that matters more than the shoe itself is the SHOE SIZE. Your shoe size determines which type of shoes will be a good fit for your feet.

Unlike other ordinary shoes, the New Balance Shoes offer a large variety of size alternatives for their customers. To avoid any discomforts and painful future shoe problems, New Balance Shoes come up with proper shoe size guidelines. You can take help from the new balance shoe size chart and find which shoe pair is the right fit for you.

You can easily find out your perfect fit and draw out comparisons between different pairs of New Balance Shoes using the size charts. The chart is very helpful for seeking the exact measurements of lengths and widths for your new balance shoes.

To save your time and ease off your troubles, we have compiled a proper new balance shoe size chart guide. It has lists containing all the new balance shoe sizes meant for Men, Women, and Kids, along with other details Right Here in this article. Just scroll down to find your perfect fit.

New Balance Women’s shoe Size Chart

Shoes are not a unisex accessory but they are specifically designed with much care and delicacy to fit the feet of the buyers. For instance, women usually have soft personalities and flexible body structures. Women’s feet are delicate and have more curves as compared to men’s.

Here’s a table to help you find the right width size for buying new balance shoes for women.

New Balance Width Chart Women’s

X-Narrow Narrow Medium or Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide
4A 2A B D 2E 4E

Similarly, the length of the new balance shoes meant for women differs from the standard shoe length for men. Therefore, when buying new balance shoes for women, you should follow the new balance women’s shoe size chart.

Women Shoe Size Conversion & Size Chart

The following length size chart for women will help you find a new balance shoe pair that will fit your feet like it’s meant to be only for you.

US Women US Men UK EU Length (cm)
4 2.5 2 34 21
4.5 3 2.5 34.5 21.5
5 3.5 3 35 22
5.5 4 3.5 36 22.5
6 4.5 4 36.5 23
6.5 5 4.5 37 23.5
7 5.5 5 37.5 24
7.5 6 5.5 38 24.5
8 6.5 6 39 25
8.5 7 6.5 40 25.5
9 7.5 7 40.5 26
9.5 8 7.5 41 26.5
10 8.5 8 41.5 27
10.5 9 8.5 42.5 27.5
11 9.5 9 43 28
11.5 10 9.5 43.5 28.5
12 10.5 10 44 29
12.5 11 10.5 45 29.5
13 11.5 11 45.5 30
13.5 12 11.5 46 30.5
14 12.5 12 46.5 31
15 13 13 48 32
Note: For Measure Your 100% Perfect shoe size download New Balance Women’s Printable Measuring Tool.

New Balance Men’s Shoes Size Chart

Shoes are no doubt an important accessory for men as well. Male fashion revolves around clothes, hairstyles, and shoes. The new balance shoes are trending with a series of aesthetic designs and unique styles that everyone is too eager to try. But you can’t just get any shoe pair and expect it to look good on you.

People often get confused when they’re looking at width charts because it involves alphabets like A, B, C, D, and E, rather than numbers. Don’t worry!

We have cracked the width chart for you in easy terms that’ll help you figure out the correct width size of new balance shoes for your feet.

New Balance Width Chart Men’s

X-Narrow Narrow Medium or Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide
2A B D 2E 4E 6E

Also, know that when you’re buying extra-wide shoes you might also come across the term “EEE“. Don’t get confused as it is only another name for Extra wide shoes that many brands use to label their extra-wide range of shoe series. But you will only find EE or 2E sizes if you’re buying new balance shoe pairs.

Men’s Shoe Size Conversion & Size Chart

Moving on, the next part of choosing a perfect pair of balance shoes is finding out the right shoe length. Here’s a men’s length size chart to walk you through all available shoe sizes new balance shoes offer.

US Men US Women UK EU Length (cm)
4 5.5 3.5 36 22
4.5 6 4 37 22.5
5 6.5 4.5 37.5 23
5.5 7 5 38 23.5
6 7.5 5.5 38.5 24
6.5 8 6 39.5 24.5
7 8.5 6.5 40 25
7.5 9 7 40.5 25.5
8 9.5 7.5 41.5 26
8.5 10 8 42 26.5
9 10.5 8.5 42.5 27
9.5 11 9 43 27.5
10 11.5 9.5 44 28
10.5 12 10 44.5 28.5
11 12.5 10.5 45 29
11.5 13 11 45.5 29.5
12 13.5 11.5 46.5 30
12.5 14 12 47 30.5
13 15 12.5 47.5 31
14 13.5 49 32
15 14.5 50 33
16 15.5 51 34
17 16.5 52 35
18 17.5 53 36
19 18.5 54 37
20 19.5 55 38
Note: For Measure Your 100% Perfect shoe size download New Balance Men’s Printable Measuring Tool.

New Balance Kids Size Chart

New Balance shoes are also available for kids of different age groups with proper sizing and suitable designs. Trendy as they are, new balance shoes are everyone’s favorites. No matter if your kid is just a toddler learning to walk out of his crib or if he’s a young schoolboy developing towards his teenage life,  there’s a perfect-sized new balance shoe pair for everyone.

Based on what’s the age of your little one, we have listed three different size charts guiding the excited audience about the new balance kid’s shoe length. The length charts cover all size ranges of new balance shoes from enormous sizes to infants and little kids and toddlers.

New Balance Width Chart Kids

Standard Wide X-Wide

Babies & Toddler | Aged Between 0 to 4 Years

Starting from the very first step, your kid should receive only the best of everything including new balance shoes. Here’s a New Balance Kids’ shoe size chart for your toddlers to help you guide them about the correct shoe length and all different shoe sizes including US, UK, and EU.

Shoe Type US Kids UK Kids EU Kids Length (in)
Crib 0 15 15 0
Crib 1 0.5 16 31/2
Crib 1.5 1 16.5 35/8
Crib/ infant 2 1.5 17 33/4
Crib/ infant 2.5 2 18 4
Crib/ infant 3 2.5 18.5 41/8
Crib/ infant 3.5 3 19 41/4
Crib/ infant 4 3.5 20 41/2
Crib/ infant 4.5 4 20.5 45/8
Crib/ infant 5 4.5 21 43/4
Infant 5.5 5 21.5 5
Infant 6 5.5 22.5 51/8
Infant 6.5 6 23 51/4
Infant 7 6.5 23.5 51/2
Infant 7.5 7 24 55/8
Infant 8 7.5 25 53/4
Infant 8.5 8 25.5 6
Infant 9 8.5 26 61/8
Infant 9.5 9 26.5 61/4
Infant 10 9.5 27.5 61/2

Also when you’re selecting a shoe for your little ones, make sure you don’t get a shoe pair that’s too tight. You should first accurately take correct measurements of your kid’s feet to avoid purchasing the wrong size.

Little Kids | Aged Between 4 to 8 Years

A little less tricky, buying shoes for kids aged between 4 to 8 years old can still be a tough job if you don’t know the correct shoe lengths. Here’s a length chart that identifies shoe sizes specifically for kids rolling through their preschooling period.

Shoe Type US Kids UK Kids EU Kids Length (in)
Pre-School 10.5 10 28 65/8
Pre-School 11 10.5 28.5 63/4
Pre-School 11.5 11 29 7
Pre-School 12 11.5 30 71/8
Pre-School 12.5 12 30.5 71/4
Pre-School 13 12.5 31 71/2
Pre-School 13.5 13 32 75/8
Pre-School 1 13.5 32.5 73/4
Pre-School 1.5 1 33 8
Pre-School 2 1.5 33.5 81/8
Pre-School 2.5 2 34.5 81/4
Pre-School 3 2.5 35 81/2

Teenage Kids | Aged Between 8 to 12 Years

Getting the right pair of new balance shoes for your kids growing towards their early teenage can be very tricky. This is a typical phase where some kids are growing at a fast pace and need bigger lengths while some are still budding slowly from their smaller shoe sizes.

We have verified the following shoe length chart against all possible situations to find that it stands corrected in guiding the confused parents.

Shoe Type US Kids UK Kids EU Kids Length (in)
Grade School 3.5 3 35.5 85/8
Grade School 4 3.5 36 83/4
Grade School 4.5 4 37 9
Grade School 5 4.5 37.5 91/8
Grade School 5.5 5 38 91/4
Grade School 6 5.5 38.5 91/2
Grade School 6.5 6 39 95/8
Grade School 7 6.5 39.5 93/4

Tips For Finding Your Perfect Size

You can’t just go to a mall and buy whatever shoes you like. Instead, you select a pair and ask the sellers to bring you the same pair in your size. Then, just to be on the safe side, you try the shoe pair to check if it’s the right fit for you

The shoe must fit your feet perfectly to not only look good on your feet. A well-fitted shoe pair gives you more control over your walk while keeping your feet comfortable. Also, perfectly fitting new balance shoes are important for avoiding unwanted complications. Such as aching heels caused by wearing tight shoes for daylong duties or wearing loose shoes only to fall over your face by losing your grip.

  • Don’t buy a shoe that’s too tight for your feet.
  • Make sure to leave an inch of space within the shoe between your toes and the boundary of your shoe.
  • Check if your shoe is wide enough that you can comfortably move all your toes within the shoe.
  • Also, leave enough space behind your heel inside the shoe so that you can easily slide your index finger in it.
  • Check if your feet can firmly grip the shoe so that it doesn’t slip off.
  • Make sure the shoes you’re buying are flexible to move.
  • Also, try to avoid chafing because it may cause blisters on your feet.

Word of the Wise

Following the new balance shoes size chart, buy a shoe that fits your feet perfectly like they’re meant only for you. The right shoe pair gives your feet a comfortable space to stay for even longer hours without hurting.

You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for cool looks nor should you miss out on trendy shoe pairs just because it hurts your feet to wear them.


Since you have learned all about how to find a perfectly fitting shoe pair for you and your kids, it’s high time you get your favorite New Balance Shoes. Why get New Balance Shoes? Because, unlike other ordinary brands, New Balance comes up with so many shoe variations and trendy new-looking products that it’s almost impossible to pick a single one.

Also, a majority of customers love how the new balance offers a wide array of lengths and widths variables, available in all different pairs. You can also find their comprehensive shoe length charts which are very easy to read and understand. But to lessen your troubles, we have compiled all the necessary details right here in this article.


What Are The Widths In Shoe Sizes?

Width means the perpendicular measurement of your foot’s length. It tells you how wide your feet are and what the right size of shoes will accommodate your feet better. It can be narrow, standard or moderate, wide and extra-wide. Some people may also have extra-extra-wide feet.

What Is D Width In New Balance?

The shoe widths are usually represented by letters instead of numbers. The letter D for women identifies that you have a wide width which is bigger than the standard shoe size. As for men, D means men’s feet are wider than the medium range.

What Does B Width Mean In New Balance shoes?

The letter B in the Shoe Width Chart signifies a standard range of feet’ size. This means that your feet are wide enough to fit in the standard shoe size. They’re included in a somewhat medium range that’s not too narrow or not too wide but just healthy enough to be on the standard scale.

Are New Balance Shoes Good For Running?

New Balance shoes are not only good but excellent for running. Inducing the comfortable Fresh Foam technology, New Balance shoes for both men and women can be used for all kinds of sports activities. They come with great cushioning, firm grip, and stability which supports your feet.

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