Where Are New Balance Shoes Made? Detailed Explained

Undoubtedly, wearing your too-good-to-be-true New Balance Shoes is both satisfying and comforting. Everyone is eager to get their hands on a perfect pair. The markets are thick with all kinds of products, and everything is for sale. All the shoe products are available in the first, second, and third editions. Moreover, in some places, you can also find cheap copies of all the expensive items in the markets.

So, how will you know if the shoes you are buying are ORIGINAL or NOT? Therefore, it’s better to verify that your selected pair of shoes is only the authentic product of the New Balance Shoe Series and not some ugly copy of the real brand. How can you tell them apart? Well, here’s an easy and effective technique.

The best way to verify that you only buy the original New Balance shoe pair is to know all about it. Who’s the brand manufacturer? Where are new balance shoes made? How are they made? And, which country is richly supplying secondhand ugly copies of the New Balance Shoes?

Knowledge about the real New Balance Shoes will help you while making a purchase. Bonus point, you don’t even have to search about them on your own. We have already collected the most updated and authentic information for you right here in this article.

New Balance Shoe Factories in England

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New Balance is the brand name that represents the most-wanted shoe pairs that people are absolutely crazy about. New Balance owns a number of factories in England where the process of shoe manufacturing takes place. These shoes are exclusively designed for the people of England based on their preferred styles in the New Balance England shoe factory.

You can go to one of the huge malls or find the nearest local shop selling New Balance footwear to shop for your desired pair. Obviously, malls and huge markets offer more variety. They even have separate sections offering fashionable sneakers, athletic shoes, daily-wearables, running or walking shoes, etc. For sportswear, you may even find different sections for basketball, football, or tennis shoes.

New Balance Shoe Factories in the USA

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As for the American public, New Balance also owns a handful of both big and small factories in the USA. The shoes manufactured here are according to the taste of people living in America. More focused on American styles and events, New Balance Shoes attract a great deal of US Customers. Whether you’re into fashion or sports, you can easily find a New Balance shoe pair that goes well with your passion.

Since the American public is known to be workaholics, a survey showed that five huge New Balance Shoe Factories are providing labor to more than 1600 US Workers. US residents are working humbly to produce more of their favorite New Balance shoes based on different collection categories. The shoe components used in the production are mainly based on US origin (about 70%) while the rest of the titbit parts may be imported from overseas.

New Balance designs its shoes with care and pays special attention to people’s needs. They offer a variety of stylish shoe pairs available in all different foot shapes and funky color tones. Ranging from very sober to very fashionable, you can find just the right pick. This is the major reason why New Balance shoes are so popular in the USA as well as overseas.

New Balance Shoe Factories in Asia

Due to the raging demand for New Balance Shoes overseas, new factories have been set up all over the world. So that, they can produce a furnished pair of New Balance Shoes ready to be sold in the markets. Several assembling and manufacturing industries in Asia are now producing New Balance footwear items for the people to pick shoes as they desire.

Although the shoe parts are imported from the US mainly, the factories in Asia deal with assembling those components to produce perfect New Balance Shoe pairs. The shoe assembling process takes place on both big and small scales. You can easily find many factories (even small home-based ones) that use the word to assemble New Balance Shoes in Asia.

New Balance 1400s, popular lifestyle shoes, are assembled on a production line at a factory in Maine.
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A small company called “Lifestyle Shoes“, in Skowhegan, Maine is involved in the assembling business. The production line workers cut, stitch, fix and glue all parts of the New Balance shoes and give them a proper selling shape. The company’s management has proudly claimed to assemble mainly New Balance 1400s sneakers because of its high demand. The company is more interested in compiling the most fashionable New Balance footwear in Asia rather than sporty shoes.

Chinese Factories of New Balance Shoes

China is famous for producing the most modern-day products at very affordable rates all across the world. Likewise, many Chinese companies are working in Asia to assemble the New Balance shoes that are originally made in the US. The Chinese companies import the raw materials and shoe parts from the US and UK at wholesale rates. Then, by using hard labor and their hi-tech machinery, transform the materials into a furnished pair of New Balance Shoes ready to sell out to the desiring customers.

The best part about New Balance Shoes produced by Chinese factories is that they kill the price by a great margin yet maintain the quality of the product. The shoe pair still looks very original because of the quality material that is incorporated within it. People from all over the world buy these shoes because they’re cheap yet vibrant. Although Chinese-made shoes stay in demand around the globe, Chinese people themselves prefer buying the US-made New Balance Shoes because they prefer the original “Made in the USA” label.


Now that you know about all your options, you have an upper hand when selecting what kind of New Balance Shoes you want to buy. You don’t have to wonder “Where are New Balance Shoes made?” Or what material is used in the making?

New Balance shoes are made of 70% domestic material found in the USA. Then the shoe parts are sent to different factories for assembling and selling.

You can figure out which shoe pair works best for you and which pair fits your affordable price range. Since New Balance shoes are sold all in different parts of the world, you can get great options at affordable prices.

Our Recommendations

If you’re looking to buy fashionable New Balance Shoes, the Asian assembled pairs will be great at a low cost. As for sports and athletic shoes, you should check out the shoes made in China, Vietnam, or Indonesia. China is known for making outer soles of shoes that are tough to compete with.

The New Balance Shoe brand claims to be public-oriented meaning they care about their customers. This is exactly why they offer a variety of cost alternative options so that everyone can buy and wear their favorite New Balance Shoes.

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