Are New Balance Shoes Good for Running? Complete Guide

Running Shoes are different from your average walking shoes. You may wear your walking shoes daily for long hours, yet you cannot run in them. Running Shoes are different from your routine footwear because they are made for running, not just walking. You can get tired, but your running shoes won’t because of their athletic quality material.

Running can also be considered a form of sport. Therefore, running shoes fall into the category of sports shoes or athletic footwear. They are specifically made to withstand the wear and tear of sports activities. The question arises here Are New Balance Shoes Good for Running? Since New Balance Shoes has quite a long fan base, it’s only fair they provide suitable footwear that meets all kinds of different audience demands.

Seeing the hype about New Balance Shoes and the battle between the masses about their quality, we have stepped up to find out if the shoes can be used as running gear. In this article, we will run a detailed analysis of the capability of New Balance Shoes and find out if they are good for running and racing.

Why are New Balance Shoes Suitable for Running?

New Balance has a great fan base obsessed with all kinds of new balance shoe series, whether health Professional, fashionable or athletic footwear. New Balance cares about its audience, and they value its customers’ demand which is why they have designed a separate section meant for creating running shoes to perfection.

New Balance has analyzed the needs and put its very best efforts into creating the perfect model for running shoes. They have calculated the right size by measuring the correct lengths and widths. They have paid attention to the details of your gait and focused on your foot shape.

To design the perfect running shoes, New Balance took their time and efforts to ensure the best results. They have used advanced cutting-edge technology and hired professional designers to create exceptional shoe gear meant especially for running and racing.

Here are the four fundamental features that make the New Balance shoes perfect for running.

Fresh Foam Technology

New Balance uses a unique Fresh Foam technology in its running shoes. Fresh foam is excellent for providing cushion. This way, your feet get packed within the shoe space, and they stay in place. So, you can get better control over your steps. Stability matters the most in the running, and it also helps to create a balance.

New Balance Running Shoes are incorporated with the new Fresh Foam 880v10 and advanced Fresh Foam 1080v10, which is lightweight yet very effective in capturing your feet in place. Both the midsole of the New Balance Shoes as well as the outer sole part is made with Fresh Foam. With that, you get to enjoy a leisurely ride while still being able to perform smooth transitions.

Sweat-free Interior

The second most important thing about creating running shoes is you must pay attention to all adverse possibilities. Since sweat usually makes your feet slippery, it is one factor most brands fail to account for. Hence, it becomes a reason for their incompetent shoe performance.

On the contrary, New Balance running shoes have a unique sweat-free interior. By using quality absorbing material in the interior toe part, New Balance shoes keep your feet sweat-free. When your feet stay free of excessive sweating, they are less slippery and stay firmly in place. It helps to maintain your balance while running.

Supporting Hypo-knit Upper

New Balance sees what others might miss, like the importance of hypo-knit. The upper top part of your running shoes that’s meant to support each step is crucial when you’re running. All your weight is focused on the tip of your toes when you’re running.

That’s why New Balance manufactures running shoes with multiple supporting techniques, including using a seamless stretchable hypo-knit upper. The running shoes help to distribute your weight over the entire product, and so not a single part faces extreme wear and tear situations.

Strong Heel Cup

The last but not least part of your running shoes is the heel part, where you lock your feet from the back. You may not use your heels as much for running as in other sports, yet it plays a significant role in providing stability. A solid supportive heel cup is a necessity to create perfect running shoes because it gives you balance and keeps your feet locked in one place.

Moreover, the heel of your New Balance Shoes is constructed based on the heel structure that’s a little higher than usual. The height gives your feet a certain high angle that creates good curves within the shoe space, so your feet fit perfectly inside. Your ankle is supported on the high heel ensuring a secure hold while facilitating your back foot to move and turn quickly.

Are New Balance Shoes good for running?

Yes, According to our research and their customer-based reviews, the New Balance shoes are doing a pretty good job for running aside from routine walks and daily jobs. All the shoe series are supported by quality features, including unique fresh foam technology, a substantial holding shoe body, and swear-free material.


New Balance running shoes offer all the premium features; thus, they are not only good but excellent for running. Besides that, you can also enjoy racing, jumping, and other athletic activities while wearing your favorite pair of New Balance Shoes. Every shoe pair is developed using hi-tech and valuable domestic products to ensure perfection. Hence, it’s a win-win item for both energetic athletes and excited teens.

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