Average Shoe Size for Women in The US & Worldwide

Inevitably, your feet serve as the most significant part of your body. They support and enable you to roam, run, stand, and undergo infinite loveliness. Thereby, foot size is as important as foot health.

As the atmosphere modifies, the body structure of an individual also changes accordingly. People today are different than fifty years before, on average. Having good awareness of shoe size is a must for women these days.

As there are no accurate statistics about shoe measurements. For shoe size, the fashion industry is also involved. The average women’s shoe size in the US varies between 8.5 and 9.

 average shoe size for women

However, if you are one of these tall ladies at 6 feet, the average shoe size for women would be 10-10.5. If you are taller, then the size will automatically be increased accordingly to your health and height.

Studies have found that a large proportion of the ladies 63 percent and 72 percent are using inappropriate foot sizes. In the US, the average women carry three pairs of shoes in the wrong size. With the wrong size, the shoe is uncomfortable and painful.

Also, most women don’t know the exact size of their shoes. Around sixty percent of women in the world have not measured their feet in the last five years.

According to research, most ladies in the US use to wear the wrong shoe size which will affect both posture and health. In the US, shoe size starts at 2, and according to the European sizing, the size starts at 32.

Most of the time the reason behind the feet getting bigger or the difference in size might be your health issues. Obesity is the major issue behind the big feet in women in the US.

Why are Women Having Bigger Show Size?

The shoe size has evolved majorly in the past few decades, and the average shoe size for women has improved. The earlier shoe size 6 is now the new 4 for women. Our feet have grown bigger, growing by an average of two dimensions in the earlier four decades.


And these stats are presented by research investigations carried out in past years.

Obesity, particularly in women, has been on the increase around the world. As our bodies get larger, our feet also grow big to repay for the extra pressure.

Diet is the other key reason for bigger feet. We are essentially bigger from our childhood due to better nutrition. A strong diet animates fullness hormones, which results in extra height.

An ordinary eleven-year-old girl was 3 feet tall in the 1960s however now is 4 feet. And of course, with the height gain come bigger feet.

Below are some average sizes for shoes according to height, weight, and body structure.

Average Shoe Size for Women (Height)

There are no specific data or measurements based on height. Taller women tend to have larger feet and need a strong foot base to maintain their body balance.

Age Height Shoe size
Over 20 4’9″ to 5’3″ 5 to 8.5
Over 20 5’4″ to 5’7″ 6.5 to 10
Over 20 5’8″ to 6′ or taller 9 to 15

Women’s shoe size (Worldwide)

Country Shoe size Conversion to U.S. size
United Kingdom 6 (EU 39) 6.5 or 7
Japan 3.5 (EU 36.5) 5.5
Australia 8 (EU 39) 7.5

While on the other hand, women with a short height require a short base for support. Women in the U.S. state that their shoe dimensions vary widely, independent according to their height. That may be due to basic genetics that the feet are too big or too small.

There is no official data that women correlate height with their shoe size. The average women’s height in the U.S. is 5’9″ in the matter if you are admiring.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Measuring Your Toes

  • The most suitable time to measure feet is after an entire day of running, or exercise. Since trekking or walking can slightly raise your shoe size.
  • It is important to measure the socks or hosen you will be consuming in the future.
  • Measure your barefoot to get the actual feet size.
  • Understand the variation in measurements because your measurements need to be correspondingly detail-oriented to be beneficial.
  • Measure your both feet. Most people’s feet are slightly irregular in size. When purchasing shoes, use the measurements of the larger foot, at the time of shopping.

Dose Measurements of Shoe Matters

In some cultures, they believe that women with larger feet are more attractive than women with small feet. The fashion industry plays a massive role in the average shoe size for women.


Whether your size is 5 or 15, all women are equally charming with their shoe size and weight. But shoe size matters a lot for your health too.

Most women are uncomfortable with their shoe size in the US and wear painful shoes at least once or twice a month. The shoe industry depends upon the color and design but not on foot size.

Sometimes women are purposefully buying shoes that are the incorrect size simply because they like them. Some women with shoe sizes 10 and above are likely to purchase oversize shoes. They feel they have more independent choices.

How to Measure Your Foot Properly

Measuring your own feet’ size is not an easy task. Talking about your own foot measurements first, you need a piece of paper and scale. Once you have these tools draw your feet and measure.


Draw an accurate outline; otherwise, an accurate size is not going to obtain. Measure the widest part first as it may differ from woman to woman.

Then measure your heel to the tip of your toe. Once you get the measurements, match them with the chart size as well.

How to Understand Shoe Size When You Shop Online

When you shop, online shoe size is the major thing to understand. You can use your existing shoe to major your size.

The second step is to research the shoe you want to buy and check the size chart carefully. If you are looking for a narrow fit, then sizing might be the major issue.

Check the size chart properly before placing an online order. Shoe size is also standardized according to the region you live in.

Make a gentle decision while doing online shopping for shoes. Sometimes women need to return or replace the shoes because of the size issue.

Does Pregnancy Affect Your Show Size?

Among the things that may affect the most during pregnancy is the change of women’s shoe size. Sometimes it is temporary, but sometimes the change is permanent.

Most women report that their feet become eider and flat. The change is the most frustrating change among all changes. Some pregnant women in the US are in a potential position of not having any fit shoes for a few months or weeks.

If you are a woman facing the same issue of shoe size, the best solution is to get some cheap yet comfortable shoes to protect your feet.

However, there is no need to buy some expensive shoes that will only be used for a few months.

Average Shoe Size for Women in The Us

In the shoe department, American girls like the bigger size. In the US, the shoe size is according to gender. There are different shoe sizes for men and women accordingly.

On the other hand, Europeans do not have this gender-based size issue. On average in the US, for adult women, the shoe size is around 7 to 8.

Take Care of Your Feet to Remain the Average Size

Our eyes might be the windows to our souls, but our feet are often the windows to our overall wellness. We notice our skin thinning, and brittle bones. Many of these ailments can initially reveal in the foot and ankle.

Keep your eyes on your feet as well, and protect them. Young women often sacrifice pain and function for style and trends. As you grow, your focus shift toward comforts over style.

All the women in the US do not wait for pain and discomfort. Feet come in all shapes and sizes, but the average shoe size for females in the US varies between 8.5 and 9.

Do not go away an issue that’s interfering with your daily activities. See a podiatrist and take care of your feet now.

Final Verdicts

Do not rely on a foot size chart. Measure your foot size manually because sometimes the measurements on the chart are different. There is something strange is happening the average foot size of women is getting bigger.

The major cause behind this is our lifestyle. With all that extra weight to take, it is not extraordinary that feet are spreading accordingly. Undoubtedly different women carry different sizes but the average women’s foot size in the US is between 8.5 and 9.

Women’s shoe sizes have been growing since the beginning of the 20th century. This seems to compare with the increase in the normal female height and weight during that time span.

Specialists also guess that this increase may have something to do with concocted food eating and exciting growth hormone results. Taller women tend to have wider feet

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