How to Stop Shoes Rubbing the Back of Your Heel?

Ankle blisters are something that every second person wants to get rid of. It’s painful to get a blister or tolerate a shoe that is biting you hard. Most of the time, we don’t realize the pain while wearing a shoe.

Although after putting them aside, we can see the real wound that is so heart-wrenching. If you are also one who is completely exhausted from this habit, then here is a quick guide for you.

However, through the help of quoted guidelines, you may save your ankle from thirsty and rough shoes without any hustle or bustle.

After keen research and analysis, we have summarized how to break in shoes that rub your heel. Try out these easiest and most effortless steps to get relief from your pain without any extra fuss.

How to Stop Shoes Rubbing the Back of Your Heel

Replacement of MoleSkin

When it comes to the shoe bite, then one of the things that blink in mind is moleskin. It helps to cover that particular biting area that is making you irritating. All you need to do is to identify that hurting area of your heel and shoes.

Then make sure to cut the specific size and just strick the moleskin over the clear surface of your shoe. It will help smooth out the body. Also, it will provide you with a comfortable spot without any itching and blisters.

Usage of Vaseline or Balm

If your shoe is continuously biting your ankle, then make sure to check it first. It might be due to extra rubbing. Thereby, baby powder or petroleum jelly could make out your way. It helps to reduce the level of inflammation and to rub while moving back and forth.

Meanwhile, it will make your ankle soothingly against the hurting sole. As a result, you may not feel the same irritation. Repeat the same procedure with the help of baby powder to get some relief. Also, you can use anti-inflammatory balms.

Find A Comfortable Pair

One of the main reasons behind the bitting shoes and severe blisters are rough and rigid material shoes. Under this scenario, you must choose a comfortable pair. Instead of an iconic one that is up to your fashion trend.

Because more or less, the stiff sole shoes or heels would lead your ankle to bleed at the end of the day. Therefore always make sure to choose the right fit and a comfortable one for your next walkout.

Keep the Hand Bandage

If you are going with a new shoe, then always keep an extra hand bandage in your bag just for the safe side. In case your brand new heel or shoe is creating a mess with your ankle.

With the help of small hand bandages, you may save your feet from further rubbing. Also, it will not worsen into blisters and pain for the next day. Thus your ankle would get relief at the same time from the rubbing heel.

Wrap with Double Socks

In case there is still some space between your ankles and the back of your shoes, then you might end up with blisters. Indeed, the reason behind this is continuous rubbing and friction.

Double up or wrap the layers of wool socks. It will efficiently save your day. Make sure to choose the thick layered socks to cover up that area with a free hand throughout the day.

Icing Pad

Icing is a cure to relieve blisters and painful rashes. It helps to soothe the skin in one go. You may also implement the same scenario for your biting shoes. All you need to do is extract the fresh Aloe Vera gel.

Mix it along with water and freeze this for a day. After the mixture is frozen or turned into ice cubes, rub it over your ankles to relax the skin.

Likewise, you can also put an ice bag under your shoe or in the middle of your sole. This may help to make the soul harder and num the edges for a long time.

Grab a Heel, Protectors

A tight and small size shoe is the leading cause of front foot blister or swelling. To avoid this practice, first, make sure to get the right fit for your casual use. On the next way, grab a stuffed heel protector to prevent blisters and itching for a long time.

Keep in mind to purchase the right one you must be comfortable while walking. However, it may hurt you if you wear it throughout the day. Because this remedy is a substitute for a quick cure, not a permanent solution.

What Should You Avoid?

After getting a blister, you should avoid wearing the same shoe or heel. Else, it would make it more painful than ever as your skin needs to heal. And without any resting period, this can’t be possible. As a result, you would often get more blisters or bacterial infections in that wounded area. Indeed, just because of wearing the same bitting shoe or heel over time to time.


At the end of the conclusion, you have to take care of your skin in a significant manner. It will help you may avoid these kinds of painful rashes in the future. If your shoe is still hurting your heel, then hand it over to a cobbler because a professional knows better.

Let him know your condition, and he would guide what to do with the matter and how to fix it. And make sure to get rid of it as soon as possible. Else, it would keep on becoming painful.

Concerning the context, if in case you are still willing to ask any query. Regarding the topic and remedies that are above mentioned or discussed earlier. Then feel free to ask us through the comment section below.

You may also share your stories and reviews with us for better communication. Till then, for more updates and information in the future. Make sure to stay tuned with us, and don’t forget to bookmark.

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