Are New Balance Shoes Made in the USA? Detailed Explanation

Who isn’t familiar with the New Balance Shoes? Meant for daily wear, suitable for running, walking, playing sports, and athletics, New Balance offers shoes for everyone. They are fashionable yet comfortable, great for hardworking professionals. The New Balance Shoe series come in various varieties, and every pair is designed to perfection.

The question remains, how does New Balance establish such authenticity in each pair of shoes? Are new balance shoes made in the USA? Since most of the assets of the New Balance company are based in America. Especially for athletic shoes, New Balance footwear is in high demand in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, America.

History of New Balance Shoes

Ever since the foundation of the New Balance company in 1906, the brand has produced an uncountable series of products based on different varieties and price ranges. But the one thing that does not change with the super is the quality of the new balance shoes.

History of New Balance Shoes
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So if you look at the history of New Balance, you will see that They haven’t compromised on the quality of their product. Each new balance shoe pair is created with only the very best quality material available at that time.

This might come as a sock for some of you, but the company was initially called the New Balance Arch Support Company. With this name, the brand started producing different kinds of quality shoes in several countries worldwide.

At first, the brand got fame for two of its most famous shoe models, namely the New Balance 990 and New Balance 574 series. But soon, new entries in the market got even more popular, and the whole brand became the number one choice for people.

Is New Balance Made In the USA?

New Balance proudly claims to be an American-based company since its roots arose in the USA. Every product of New Balance shoes is labeled as “Made in the USA.” But is it true? Are all the New Balance shoe pairs made in America? We are going to find out all about it today in this article.

Made in the USA

are new balance shoes made in the usa
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According to the thorough research we conducted, the “Made in the USA” claim was valid. We found that many New Balance Shoes are designed and made in American factories. Every New Balance shoe pair has a fundamental shoe structure that is made with US-based quality material. This means every shoe pair is indirectly rooted to be “Made in the USA.”

Made in the UK

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Our findings also lead us to another fun fact about New Balance Shoes which might interest and surprise most New Balance fans. Although the material used to create the New Balance shoe pairs is US-based, the company used British craftsmanship. This means that the shoe pairs we all love are a result of combined commitment. That’s why you can also find New Balance Shoe pairs that are Labeled as “Made in the UK.”

The shoe pairs might not get made but are manufactured in the UK-based New Balance factories. To increase the domestic value of the shoe products, New Balance factories use USA-based raw material and incorporate it to create furnished shoe pairs ready to be sold to the customers. The UK-based New Balance factories are situated in Columbia, Flimby, and other parts of the UK.

New Balance USA Production

All in all, New Balance claims to be a US-specific brand. Even on their official website, New Balance has proudly shared that all the primary shoe production is carried out in USA-based factories.

Image: New Balance factory in Lawrence

They hold the supremacy in America to design and assemble more than 4 million athletic shoe pairs each year. This shows that a significant portion of shoe material is created in America, and exported to different parts of the world for assembling and manufacturing into final products.

As for their commitment to the American public, they also have factories manufacturing and assembling New Balance shoe pairs for domestic use of the people within the USA. New Balance owns five huge shoe factories in the area of Maine and Massachusetts.

These American New Balance factories, only hire American workers. Moreover, the vendors and domestic suppliers in contract with the New Balance company are also known to have employed more than 7,000 local American workers for the jobs.

Statement on New Balance shoe Website

A direct quote stated on the New Balance website says that the shoe pairs have 70% domestic value related to their products which is why they’re labeled as “Made in the USA.”

The statement may be true on their part, yet it doesn’t match with the FTC standards of “All or Virtually All.” This is precisely why New Balance has been facing a legal dispute with the FTC standards since the 1990s regarding their somewhat doubtful “Made in the USA” label, which violates the FTC terms.

Final Verdict

Since we are all crazy about New Balance Shoes, it’s natural to wonder “Are New Balance Shoes made in the USA?

Well, the truth is all the New balance shoe products are 70% made in the USA while the assembling procedure can be completed elsewhere.

People are so in love with the New Balance Shoes that they pay no mind to the 70% instead of 100% made in the USA claim. Fans keep buying new pairs of New Balance Shoes now and then. Thus the business is booming for the New Balance brand even if they’re not wholly USA-specific in creating their shoe products.

To be on the safe side and establish your peace of mind, you should know that your New Balance shoes are not wholly made in the US. Even if the label says “Made in the USA” Don’t let yourself be fooled in any manner!

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