Best New Balance Shoes for High Arches | Men’s and Women’s 2022

People with a high arched foot know how stressful it is to walk or run around with a standard shoe. Running impacts force on your foot and can cause stiffness with significant discomfort. High arched runners (also called cavus feet) are more prone to experience pain where the heels and balls of your feet are involved in resisting shock absorbency.

As a consequence, your foot may quickly become tired, and painful or you may encounter plantar fasciitis as well. Also, it causes irritation to your feet that can further lead to massive damage if not taken care of properly. Better not challenge yourself to move without getting the right pair of shoes that can be a good fit, provide stability, and help reduce the pain.


Finding a pair of shoes that can offer specific arch support and proper stability for each arch type might be a difficult task. But now your search ends right here because New Balance offers unique shoe ranges and models that offer not just comfort but proper support and firm grip for a high-arched foot as well.

Let’s make headway to the ten top-notch New Balance shoes for high arches specific to each type of arch.

What to Look for in A Best New Balance Shoes for High Arches

There are a few things that are essential for providing a perfect fit and comfort in a shoe you are selecting as follows.


Stability comes first. All these features must help provide stability and prevent overpronation. And to get better efficiency, the show must support balance while walking or running on uneven roads and terrain.

High Arch Support

Arch support relieves unwanted pressure and impact from the heel and balls of the foot. High Arches need to be taken care of by selecting a proper shoe. It also evenly distributes body weight across the entire body.

Shock Absorbency and cushioning

Cushioning provided by the midsole and insole makes sure that you are getting enough shock absorbency.

Editors’ Top Picks By Customer’s Rating and Reviews

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10 Best New Balance Rocker Bottom Shoes

1 High Arch Running Shoe

The New Balance V5 running shoe is one of the best walking shoes and is the first choice for you to consider. This pair is made with a synthetic upper mesh, especially for people with high arches, to provide proper stretch and a stable fit to your feet. With this mesh, all you get is maximum breathability and comfort.

The outer rubber sole is durable enough to give your feet an easy and firm grip. It provides good traction and abrasion resistance; the rubber material also helps you avoid slipping off. For better cushioning and shock absorbency, the compression-resistant ABZORB midsole got you covered. The midsole is removable as well. Overall product is lightweight and versatile.

People May Likes

  • It is lightweight and durable
  • The outsole provides excellent traction and abrasion-resistant
  • The leather material is soft and comfy on your feet
  • ABZORB midsole ensures shock absorbency and cushioning
  • Adjustable laces
  • The breathable upper mesh helps maintain the airflow
  • Available in multiple color ranges

People May Dislikes

  • Shoelaces are needlessly long
  • A little too expensive

2 High Arch Trail Running Shoe

Long-running routes can damage your feet if you don’t buy high-quality shoes capable of providing comfort and help reduce any chances of fatigue or swelling. High arches shoes are specific like this New Balance 410 V7. It is reliable on both on and off terrain.

The upper mesh is so durable, breathable, and whatnot. When you put your foot inside the shoe, you automatically feel comfortable as its ACTEVA midsole is mainly constructed for underfoot coziness, shock absorbency, and maximum cushioning.

The nylon ripstop material adds versatility and style. At the same time, your feet are entirely balanced and controlled by the rubber outsole, which gives good traction. This product is all you need if you are a runner and struggling with high arches.

People May Likes

  • Best for Long-running routes
  • Maximum traction with high-quality cushioning
  • Soft ACTEVA midsole provides durability and is shock absorbent
  • Outsole ensures high abrasion
  • It is light in weight
  • Customized lace closure
  • Slip and water-resistant
  • The upper mesh is made of leather material for extra breathability

People May Dislikes

  • The color range is not diversified

3 High Arch Fresh Foam Running Shoe

For those looking for a pair of good quality walking shoes, New Balance 1080 V11 shoes are a perfect choice. The synthetic upper mesh is breathable enough to retain airflow in and out. Meanwhile, the upper bootie construction helps hug your foot for extreme comfort.

For maximum shock absorbency, a fresh foam midsole is engineered. It also delivers ultra cushioning, particularly for high arches. A unique ortho line sock feature makes this masterpiece more attractive.

Your walk becomes more accessible with an ultra-supportive outer sole. It gives good traction and also is environmentally friendly. Walking becomes comfortable on uneven or wet roads during rainy days; these new balance shoes do their best.

People May Likes

  • Upper, breathable mesh provides excessive comfort
  • It is light in weight
  • The fresh Foam midsole gives greater shock absorbency and cushioning
  • Excellent traction
  • The outer rubber sole is durable and ensures a firm grip
  • It comes in multiple color ranges
  • Versatile design
  • It helps reduce pain in high arches

People May Dislikes

  • Not a good choice for sensitive skin

Editor’s Choice

4 High Arch Running Shoe

People, especially runners, struggle a lot with high arch feet. They tolerate mild to severe pain and cannot help because of the shoe type. Therefore, New Balance 410 V5 trial shoes are mainly made with leather upper mesh to retain airflow in and out with their breathable lining.

A dual-density collar foam is also present for a more comfy fit. The CUSH midsole is engineered inside, so you get ultra shock absorbency and cushioning comfort from an NB insole feature inserted in it already.

For excellent traction, a rubber outsole is constructed that is slip-resistant and gives a firm grip. It is durable in all aspects. If you are bored of primary colors, you can now buy these shoes of your own color choice.

People May Likes

  • The comfortable upper, synthetic mesh helps retain the airflow
  • Breathable and durable
  • The outsole provides good traction
  • Slip-resistant and gives a good grip
  • Available in diversified color ranges
  • Shock absorbent CUSH midsole
  • The insole is inserted for extra cushioning
  • The dual-density foam feature is cozy
  • Light on high arches

People May Dislikes

  • Continuous running may not be suitable for people with high arches

Value of Money

5 High Arches Training Shoes

Like other shoes, Nitrel V1 stands out due to its FuelCore technology which is a perfect choice for buying training shoes. Each higher arch type is specific for each New Balance shoe. With increased durability, the upper mesh is more likely to provide breathable walking or running experience.

All you get is comfort through its high-quality underfoot REVLITE midsole, establishing shock absorbency. For better cushioning, there is an NB foam inserted in it that gives support as well. The best thing about this masterpiece is, that the insole is removable which may allow you to customize it your own way.

The outsole is made with rubber material in order to provide excellent traction with flexibility. These are water and slip-resistant which is a plus point for people having high arches.

People May Likes

  • High-quality breathable shoe
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Shock absorbing midsole also helps in cushioning
  • Gives off maximum traction, speed, attitude, and performance
  • Provides proper stability and comfort
  • The rubber material of the outsole produces a firm grip
  • Removable insole
  • Light in weight
  • Highly affordable

People May Dislikes

  • Ankles may get pressed due to the pressure

Best Overall

6 Running Shoes for High Arches

The New Balance 520 V7 shoes fulfill all your requirements with their unique features. All you need to do is, buy a pair of shoes of your color choice and enjoy. Its exciting features include a versatile design upper mesh that allows the air passage to avoid sweating—durability matters when searching for a perfect midsole.

The injected EVA feature absorbs shock and ensures maximum cushioning with comfort and reliability. Its NB insole lets you keep your foot inside for a more extended period or even go on longer routes.

Only individuals with high arches know how vital traction is; the outsole is manufactured with rubber to fulfill this requirement so that you can withstand its complex, gripping technology.

People May Likes

  • Make more space for the foot inside
  • Molded EVA injection absorbs shock to a certain extent
  • The upper mesh ensures breathability
  • Provides underfoot coziness
  • It comes in a broader range of colors
  • Lace closure guarantees a secure fit
  • Excellent traction and extraordinary abrasion
  • Outsole adds flexibility and attractiveness, and also gives maximum support

People May Dislikes

  • Sizes may vary from your actual size

7 Higher Arch Support Shoes

What if you get a shoe that supports and keeps the balance perfectly? Well, New Balance has launched its 880v11 shoe with an impressive fresh foam feature. Its 10mm drop is ideal for runners with high arches. The double jacquard upper, synthetic mesh is built to keep breathability and durability altogether in a combination, establishing comfort as well.

With proper cushioning, the FRESH FOAM midsole also provides shock absorbency so you can walk with flexibility. External molded heels help control the movement of heels and high arches.

The outsole is mainly manufactured with rubber material allowing more excellent traction and whatnot. The footbed increases coziness and reduces unwanted pain. Moreover, there’s a diversified range of colors, so you have multiple options available to get your favorite one.

People May Likes

  • Gives exceptional support
  • Fresh Foam midsole provides more excellent stability and cushioning
  • Slip-resistant and shock absorbent
  • Available in many colors
  • The footbed is added for maximum comfort
  • Versatile design
  • Jacquard synthetic mesh is breathable
  • The outsole is fitted for excellent traction
  • Light in weight

People May Dislikes

  • Expensive

8 Best New Balance Sneakers for High Arches

The 990 V5 is a perfect pair of sneakers for those struggling with high arches. The best thing about this shoe is that it is built with pigskin. Its breathable upper mesh is classically designed for runners and looks attractive in a crowd. A combination of durable polyurethane and lightweight foam makes its ENCAP midsole more supportive while running, walking, or even standing all day.

It is shock-absorbent and provides cushioning to the foot. These shoes support dual-density collar foam to make sure your ankles are not at risk anymore to give you comfort. Meanwhile, its outer brown rubber sole is constructed for maximum support and stability. It looks more rigid from the outside but can protect your feet from the inside and reduce pain.

People May Likes

  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • Insoles are extremely cozy
  • Midsole foam gives the best cushioning and shock absorbency
  • Ankle support is outstanding
  • The rubber material of the outsole provides maximum support
  • Dual-density collar feature ensures maximum ankle balance
  • Upper Mesh is made of pigskin
  • Highly affordable
  • It gives more extraordinary performance and stability

People May Dislikes

  • Due to adhesives, the sole may start to smell pretty bad

9 Best New Balance Running Shoes for High Arches

The New Balance shoes are primarily constructed for ease and support. Not only do you walk or run with the aid of the New Balance 680 V7 shoe, but you also get rid of the high arch pain. With synthetic upper, your foot gets maximum breathability and stretch. The airflow passage is quite good.

Its molded EVA ABZORB midsole absorbs shock and bounces back, ensuring better cushioning as well as proper stability and balance. There’s also a feature fitted inside, which is no-sue material for a sleek fit and feel; moreover, friction will be less, which means lesser irritation. The outsole is manufactured with rubber material to provide excellent traction. The overall design is versatile, and other features make it look attractive.

People May Likes

  • The best shoe for high-arched users
  • The midsole is exceptionally soft
  • ABZORB EVA technology functions superbly to allow shock absorbency
  • Due to no-sue material, friction seems to be less
  • Great performance and cushioning
  • The outsole is compression-resistant and also establishes a firm grip
  • Highly breathable
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Soles are flexible
  • Unique design and versatility
  • Environment-friendly

People May Dislikes

  • A lace closure is not customizable
  • Comparatively less supportive

10 Best New Balance Stability Shoes for High Arches

Many brands offer stability shoes that are still not up to the mark due to hardness. Nevertheless, the New Balance 860v11 ensures support and stability for a healthy stride without any alteration in balance. UltraHeel engineered, and construction mesh improves comfort and fit. A cozy, more expansive space for a foot with breathable mesh helps reduce pain, especially for high arches runners.

This version comes with a Fresh Foam midsole and an ablaze ankle collar. The entire material of a midsole produces more excellent shock absorbency with more cushioning. For maximum durability, a blown rubber outsole is constructed, giving off good traction throughout walking. This pair of shoes are light in weight, so your feet will always be in a relaxation mode.

People May Likes

  • High-performance stability shoes
  • UltraHeel mesh improves comfort
  • The blaze collar feature helps in providing cushioning
  • Insoles are incredibly soft and durable
  • Upper Mesh is breathable and supportive
  • A high-quality rubber outsole gives traction
  • Frictionless and less irritating
  • Light in weight
  • Slip-resistant
  • Reduce pain in plantar fasciitis as well

People May Dislikes

  • A little too unfriendly on pocket

Important Features of High Arches Shoe

Features are the most crucial part of choosing the best New Balance shoes for High Arches; these are specific. Choose wisely and make sure that these features are already present. Let’s dive in to know what and how exactly should be done.

Upper Part

The shoe’s upper part contains breathable material, leather, synthetic, or mesh mixed. In a combination, a perfect upper is constructed that performs ventilation to avoid sweat.


The second most vital equipment to consider is a midsole of multiple types, including ACTEVA, AIMEVA, CUSH, and Injection Molded EVA. This technology provides maximum support, cushioning, and shock absorbency as well. For High Arches, these midsoles are specific; therefore, choose your favorite one according to your feet.

Arch Support Features

Mainly, the ENCAP PU core and ring support the high arched foot. With good performance, it stabilizes the foot and helps produce shock absorbency with a comfortable fit.

NB insole

Most New Balance models come with cushioned or removable Insoles that give off coziness and allow the use of orthotic devices. Moreover, you can wear it as long as you want for running or walking purposes, even when you want to stand all day long.

Dual-density Collar Feature

Add ons features add attractiveness to the product. These designs are included to offer a more snug and flexible fit to your shoe, and in most shoe models, these usually exist in a foam padded collar.


For excessive grip and resistance, A blown rubber outsole is a requirement. Besides being significant support to the shoe and foot, it ensures durability to a certain extent. It adds ease to running, walking, or outdoor trails. Furthermore, you will not slip as these are made firmly with slip and water-resistant technology.

ABZORB Technology

Most midsoles are manufactured with ABZORB technology. They also provide exceptional protection to absorb shock, specifically made solely for people struggling with high arches to ease the pain.

Colors Ranges

It’s rare to see shoes in a diversified color range. Most probably, you get to find 2 or 4 primary colors. But all New Balance models are available in multiple color options along with four sizes, including Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large widths that you can select from.

Final thoughts

Among the best high arches shoes, the ones mentioned above are top-notched. People who are struggling each day with a high arch problem and willing to reduce pain so very badly then you have come to the right place. Once you know what you are looking for when choosing a perfect shoe, your search is done. Make your decision as per your needs solely for your foot’s ease and comfort.

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