Best New Balance Shoes for Elderly – Light Weight That Gives You More Comfortable

Shoes are important for every age group. No matter how old you might get, you can never get too old for buying a new pair of shoes. The best part about shoes is that they have never been an age-limited item. You can never categorize your love for a new pair of shoes based on what’s your age. Teens love buying new shoes, and so do elderly people.

It’s stupid to think that age has anything to do with your well-dressed appearance. Appearance is all about how well you can dress up and how nicely you carry yourself. Age might affect your skin and body features but age cannot decide that you shouldn’t buy new shoes. If only, it further emphasizes that you wear a perfectly fitted pair of shoes that you’re most comfortable with wearing.

How Can Elders Take Care of his Feet?

take care of feet

Elder people aged above 35 or 40 years should pay more attention to their footwear. As compared to teenagers, aged people have trouble walking in shoes that are a little too loose or a little too tight.

Therefore, it’s necessary that elderly people only wear specified shoes according to their feet measurements. Especially if they want to wear a pair for longer periods, they should carefully pick the best shoes that fit them perfectly.

If we talk about classic ideal shoes for seniors then orthopedic brands and athletic shoe types are mostly preferred for aged feet. Following are some of the best shoe types to consider if you’re buying shoes for elderly people.

Around the House Footwear

Walking around can be dangerous and risky either if you’re walking outside or in your home. Therefore, the right type of shoe, like comfortable leisure, is essential to wear around the house which is not comfortable and lowers the chances of any possible injuries but also provides a decent grip to your foot.

Customized Orthotics

Older people may require just the right type of fit for their comfort, luckily, New Balance shoes come with removable orthostatic which can be customized according to your liking.

Walking Shoes

A decent comfortable walking shoe is the need of every senior individual for various purposes like outdoor excursions and even to walk around the house. Durability, cushioning and comfort are the main characteristics of a shoe for older people.

10 Best New Balance Shoes for Elderly

Here’s a list of all the shoes that are fitting for elderly people. These are perfect for keeping your feet comfortable and give you more control over each step.

Editor Choice

1 New Balance 877 V1 Elder Walking Shoe

The New Balance 877 shoe model adds fine detail to the existing shoe design to make it fitter for the elders. Elders and seniors crave comfort because of their low tolerance for pain and constant strains. New Balance shoes for elderly individuals are made to provide extra comfort, balance, and protection to their aged feet.

The 877 model has its uppers made with suede and mesh material which is best for providing durability and breathability to your feet. The  ABZORB shock-absorbing technology is used for cushioning your feet. As for the outsole, these shoes have Walking Strike Path Technology which provides great control over each step.

People May Likes

  • A padded tongue and collar are also incorporated for extra comfort.
  • Provides stability and control.
  • The midsole ensures more comfort

People May Dislikes

  • Not suitable for party wear.

Best Elder Shoes for Walking

2 New Balance 847 V4 Elder Walking Shoe

The New Balance 847 V4 shoes make a valuable addition to the shoe range for elderly people. With its top-class motion control, the shoe is great for long brisk walks recommended to seniors by their doctors. Shoes for older individuals must be comfortable and soft. Therefore, New Balance uses smooth leather and mesh material to make the uppers of 847 V4 which allows your feet to breathe easily.

The shoe pair is provided with an adjustable hook and loop closure system for easy wear. So, you don’t have to put much effort into trying to tie your shoes with mobility and pressure. The Rollbar technology incorporated is great for motion control, while the Walking Strike Path technology is given to maximize stability.

People May Likes

  • The moisture-wicking interior lining keeps your feet sweat-free and dry.
  • Soft foam is there to keep your feet comfortable.
  • Gives good stability and breathability.

People May Dislikes

  • Little Bit Expensive

Best Elder Shoes for Running

3 New Balance 1540 V3 Elder Running Shoe

Next on the list, the New Balance 1540 V3 scored the third position because of its excellent stability features. You don’t have to struggle to maintain your balance and posture while wearing the 1540 V3.

As for the uppers, New Balance used a mixture of leather and textile materials. The shoe has Rollbar technology incorporated medially and laterally to the TPU support system posts. It further uses the ENCAP cushioned midsole for comfortability. The comfortable insoles are also given to achieve overall perfection as the shoe offers equal balance, foot stability, and accurate motion control.

People May Likes

  • The thick durable rubber material is used as a shock absorber for the outsole.
  • The shoe provides great motion control.
  • Makes a good shoe for walking or running thus it makes a great shoe option for elderly people

People May Dislikes

  • Very Expensive

4 New Balance Fresh Foam 1165 V1 Elder Walking Shoe

The New Balance 1165 V1 shoe model serves as another great shoe option for elderly people struggling with their brisk walks. This shoe pair is not only good for routine jogs but it can also be worn on long journeys because of its high durability rate. The shoe used synthetic leather material for its upper construction which makes it powerful and durable to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

The unique Fresh Foam technology used in the midsole makes up for the support. The shoe has removable inserts that you can choose to remove whenever you want for placing your orthotic devices. For the outsole part, the shoe has thick rubber which gives shock absorbency, incorporated in a lug tread design.

People May Likes

  • Cushions older feet and keeps them protected within the shoe.
  • Comfortable for elders.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities like Trail walking.
  • Good for extreme environments.

People May Dislikes

  • Not good rough surfaces

5 New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V11 Elder Running Shoe

Extending the Fresh foam range of New Balance with another valuable shoe pair, the 1080 shoe model makes a great addition for elderly people. With its features focused on providing comfortable and stable walks, the shoe is a fan favorite for seniors who love jogging.

With the shoe uppers made of textile and engineered mesh material, the shoe pair is very comfortable to wear. Plus, a no-sew bootie design causes your feet to face zero friction while being snug fit into the shoe cavity. The insole is incorporated with Fresh foam technology that saves them from any sudden jerk with its shock absorbency feature. The outsole part is made of durable thick rubber which gives an 8MM heel drop for height-conscious people.

People May Likes

  • Provides cushioning to older feet.
  • Good for morning walks.
  • The moisture-wicking lining keeps your feet dry and non-slippery.

People May Dislikes

  • Very costly

6 New Balance Made in Us 990 V5 Elder Sneaker

Scoring the 6th position on our list of New Balance shoes for elderly individuals, the vintage 990 has been winning elders’ hearts forever. The shoe offers wider fitting thus there’s no foot shape or size limitation, unlike other shoe options. The 990 shoe welcomes all seniors no matter if they have foot issues or foot deformities.

The wide upper part of the shoe is made with durable leather and textile material. The insole part provides great room for more comfortability with its Dual-density foam collar. The midsole has ENCAP technology for offering soft cushioning to your feet along with absorbing any sudden jerk. The shoe is yet offering a snug heel fit to every foot. The rubber outsole is there to offer excellent grip and traction.

People May Likes

  • Gives breathability and stability.
  • Good for walking on tiled or marbled floors.
  • Available in extra-wide options

People May Dislikes

  • An expensive set of pairs

Best Budget

7 New Balance 840 V5 Elder Running Shoe

The New Balance 840 makes the best running shoe pair for elders. With its comfortable and versatile features, the shoe comes in several size and width options so you won’t have trouble finding your perfect fit.

The shoe has its uppers constructed from Synthetic leather and Engineered mesh material which provides flexibility and comfort. The mesh is also good for breathability. The shoe has a full-length ABZORB midsole that provides perfect shock absorbency and comfort to your aged feet. You don’t have to worry about your feet getting rash or swelling because of the mesh.

People May Likes

  • Non-irritable interior fabric.
  • Keeps your feet stable for longer hours.
  • Engineered with a no-sew design.
  • Produces no friction against your fragile feet.

People May Dislikes

  • Not available in many hues.

8 New Balance Fresh Foam 680 V7 Running Shoe

Next comes the New Balance 680 V6 shoe model that’s known for its comfortable wear meant especially for older individuals. This versatile shoe pair is good for enjoying morning jogs or long walks in the local parks. The shoe has great durability because of the synthetic leather used in the uppers. While the mesh material is there to offer breathability, stability, and a better structural fit to your feet.

The inner lining is soft to prevent irritation and chafing so your feet. The insole has NB response cushioning to provide extra comfort. While the midsole is provided with a unique ABZORB technology for shock-absorbing. The durable rubber is used for making the outsole part of the shoe. The shoe is available in wide, wider, and extra wide options for elder people who have any foot deformities.

People May Likes

  • Offers great durability and comfortability.
  • Prevent blisters.
  • Can be worn for long hours.
  • Gives you a good grip and excellent traction.

People May Dislikes

  • Not good for rough surfaces.

9 New Balance FuelCell 890 V8-Running Shoe

Giving all the comfort and support to your older feet, the New Balance 890 V8 makes a good choice of shoes for elderly individuals. Known for providing extra stability to aged feet with high arches who tend to supinate, the 890 V8 shoe pair. The uppers are constructed with engineered mesh material that can flex with your feet.

The REVLites midsole is good for cushioning your feet comfortably while the insole provides shock absorbency. A unique feature about this shoe pair is its High Abrasion-resistant durable rubber used in the outsoles. Thus, the outsoles provide excellent protection from extreme environmental conditions and great stability.

People May Likes

  • Provides great breathability and comfortability.
  • Very lightweight so your feet won’t feel exhausted.
  • Must-have for elders with supination issues.

People May Dislikes

  • Not good for durability.

10New Balance 813 V1 Hook and Loop

Last but not least, the New Balance 813 V1 makes it to the top ten best shoes for elderly people. With its durable, comfortable design, the shoe offers quick-wearing options using a Hook and loop-based closure system. You can easily wear the shoe pair for quick errands or morning walks.

The fabric used for the construction of this shoe pair is 100% leather which screams high durability. The soft comforting collar used in the insole part makes up for the comfortability. For further comfort, the 813 V1 uses a combination of rubber, foam, and soft leather upper. The rubber outsole gives cushioning to your heels.

Older people who have trouble tying shoe laces because of lack of mobility and arthritis in their hands can be facilitated with the New Balance Hook and Loop closure shoes which are specifically made for this purpose.

People May Likes

  • Provides stability and balance to your feet.
  • Gives you a comfortable walk on rough surfaces.
  • Protect your feet from outer jerks.
  • Cradles your aged foot smoothly.

People May Dislikes

  • Color options are very limited.

Best New Balance Shoes for Elderly | Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a list of important things to keep in mind when you’re out buying shoes for elders.

Shoe Uppers

New Balance shoes use unique materials for their uppers such as Engineered Mesh, Synthetic, Pigskin Leather, Textile, or Genuine Leather with a smooth finish, and Now Sew application designs. For a better and more comfortable fit, a Padded Tongue, Ultra Heel, and Collar can be a decent choice.

Inner Fabric Lining

Additionally, Fabric Lining enhances the advantages with its remarkable moisture-wicking surface which keeps the shoe dry and fresh.

Insole and Cushioning

Soft, comfortable insoles like ABZORB HEEL are essential in avoiding heel pain. Ortholite, NB Ultra Soft Insert, XLT cushioned Footbed, Fresh Foam insole, cushioned and moisture-wicking Sockliner, a PU Insert, Fresh Foam insole, and removable insert to fulfill your likings.


Quick and reliable shock wave attenuation is very important for protection. New Balance shoe comes with Injection Molded EVA, ACTEVA, IMEVA foam, and EVA ENCAP midsole which helps in reasonable protection.

Outsole Part

For the Outsole, Rubber sole or All-terrain Rubber sole with AB5 Black Colorway Slip-resistant outsole is used for standard grip. To even facilitate further, Non-Marking, and Blown Rubber outsoles are used.

Support features

For durability and support, materials like Rollbar, Internal Shank, and Medial are used, and TPU Posts for motion control features.

Color and Width Options

The New Balance shoes come in a variety of different colors and patterns according to one’s liking, and several different widths fit.

Closure System

New Balance shoes are available in both closure types, that is, laces and hook & loop. Hook & loop Velcro-based closure systems are recommended for seniors.


With the help of our list, you’ll be able to find the perfect shoe pair for your older feet. If you feel like you need more assistance, you can take help from our buyer’s guide. It will help you find a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes that can be used to eliminate pressure from your aged feet.

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